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Give The Gift Of Good Manners

The holidays are a time for giving and gathering with loved ones. Because the holiday season is such a social time of year, it can be wise for celebrants to revisit social manners in the days ahead before the holiday party season hits full swing. Practicing good manners is especially poignant during the holidays to keep the spirit of compassion and goodwill alive.

Host/hostess gifts

A gift is a great way for holiday celebrants to express their appreciation to holiday hosts. It doesn’t have to be a lavish gift; a bottle of wine, baked goods or a decorative trinket each make for thoughtful gifts.


Promptly RSVP so hosts can plan accordingly. A text, phone call or quick email will suffice.

Accept gifts with grace

Whether you planned to exchange gifts or not, if someone gives you a gift, accept it with a smile and express your appreciation. It may not be what you need or desire, but do not let the gift-giver think you are unhappy with the gift. It’s alright if you have nothing to give in return. Don’t feel as though you have to rush out and get a reciprocal gift. 

Say “Please” and “Thank you”

People can get into the habit of falling into the holiday shopping rush, forgetting manners when in crowds. Remember that everyone is in the same boat, which probably involves racing against the clock to accomplish holiday tasks. A little patience, a smile and some polite words can go a long way toward making shopping a more pleasant experience.

Be helpful to others

Consider those people who may have a difficult time getting holiday shopping or other jobs done, such as an elderly neighbor or a friend who is feeling under the weather. Find out if you can maximize your trip to the mall or supermarket by getting them some things they need.

Ask before bringing a guest

While the more the merrier is often the case, be sure hosts are fine with an extra guest or two. Remember, he or she may have gifts planned for those in attendance, and an unexpected face may lead to an embarrassing shortage of treats.

Manners and etiquette can make the holiday season even more enjoyable.

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