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Deer Park’s Robert Frost Middle School again participated in the Band-Aid Project this year, a nationwide movement that promotes awareness and acceptance of people with autism and developmental disabilities. The school earned an award for a video created for the initiative.

More than 225 Frost students pledged to be speechless by wearing a band-aid on their mouths for an entire school day, only using others means of communication such as dry erase boards, paper and pencil, and gesturing with their teachers and peers during classes. 

“The goal of the project was to teach students what it is like to have a disability,” said speech teacher Stephanie O’Connell. “Once the students have this insight, it is my hope that they will be more compassionate and understanding of their peers who might be different from them. Fostering friendships between students of all abilities is the ultimate goal.”

A Band-Aid Project video was also made highlighting five Frost students who have a brother or sister with special needs. The video was honored by being selected for an award by the Suffolk County Human Rights Commission’s Interfaith Anti-Bias Task Force.

Photo courtesy of: Deer Park School District

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