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County Executive Bellone Announces $7 Million Plan To Improve Suffolk Roadways

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone announced a comprehensive plan to improve county roadways along critical transportation corridors, including a plan to have all dangerous pot holes filled within 48-hours of being reported. As a result of the county’s historic investment in a new state-of-the-art 311 call center, Suffolk is able to streamline how potholes are reported, reduce response times and provide residents with real-time project status updates.

  “Making these investments not only makes our roads safer it also strengthens the middle class by utilizing local workers to get it done,” said Suffolk County Executive Bellone. “This is why we continue to invest in new, smart technologies like the 311 call center so that we can better serve the residents while protecting taxpayers.”

  Suffolk County Department of Public Works (DPW) Crews maintain over 1500 lane miles of roadway across Suffolk County’s 900 square miles of landmass. DPW crews perform maintenance functions including repairing potholes, tree trimming, street sweeping, snow removal and drainage clearing every day. In 2019, Suffolk County will invest roughly $7 million on resurfacing more than 10 critical transportation corridors including those listed below:


  • CR 3 Pinelawn Road – Corporate Center Drive to the LIE,
  • CR 11 Pulaski Road – Anondale Drive to NYS Rt 108,
  • CR 17 Carleton Avenue – Spur Drive South to Sunburst Boulevard,
  • CR 46 William Floyd Parkway – Beacon Street to Essex Circle,
  • CR 67 Vanderbilt Parkway – Half Hallow Road to NYS Rt 231,
  • CR 83 North Ocean Avenue – Canal Road to Coram Mt. Sanai Road(Northbound),
  • CR 86 Broadway Greenlawn Road – NYS Rt 25 to CR 35 Park Avenue,
  • CR 93 Ocean Av – Peconic Street to NYS Rt 454,
  • CR 101 Sills Road – Orchid Road to Hospital Road,
  • CR 106 Community College Drive – Crooked Hill Road to Wicks Road,


As part of the plan, County Executive Bellone announced that all dangerous, emergency potholes reported to the county will be addressed and filled within 48 hours, while non-emergency potholes will be addresses by a Suffolk County DPW crew with hot asphalt within five business days.

  By leveraging the county’s historic investment in its 311 call center, Suffolk has enhanced capabilities to track incoming pothole requests, ensure that they are filled within the aforementioned timeline, and improved communication with the public providing real time updates on job status.

  Moving forward, when a resident reports a pothole through Suffolk311, they will have an opportunity to provide their email address to the call operator who will include it when logging their complaint in the system. In doing so, residents will receive real time updates on the status of their request and will be notified upon work order completion signifying the pothole has been filled.

  Since 2010, Suffolk County has invested approximately $162 million in resurfacing through a combination of Federal, State and County allocations. This, along with the preventative maintenance activities undertaken by the department in years past, has resulted in improved roadway conditions and reduced the burden on taxpayers.

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