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When searching for the best in local Community News Long Island, know that Long Island Media Group has been providing truthful and honest news since 1953. We offer three different publications. Our South Bay’s Neighbor, Neighbor Newspapers and our seasonal issue appropriately named Season’s. The first two offer 26 editions and our seasonal is well, seasonal with an additional holiday issue making it published 5 times a year.

If you have been searching for local Community News Long Island, you will see that it easy to find because our newspapers are actually delivered right to your mailbox. You never have to leave home to get the most up to date community news. We bring a wonderful service directory as well where you can find offerings of services for your home, car and job opportunities.

If you would like more information regarding South Bay’s Neighbor or Neighbor Newspapers, simply click on the attached link You can also call our offices directly at 631-226-2636. One of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to assist you.

If you are looking to place an ad in one of our newspapers, know that we offer many different distribution areas for you to choose from. We are now also proud to announce we have a new addition to our group: digital marketing. Call us at 631-226-2636 for more information on how you can place your advertising on our website.

We provide local Community News Long Island regarding education, elections, politics, community events, charity events and even corporate events. We have contests and more. Our Community News Long Island truly helps to keep the local residents informed of all going on in their neighborhoods. Sometimes, the bigger the newspaper, the more local community news gets lost in the mix. We keep it simple providing our readers exactly what they need to go about their day, find great sales on items sold locally and get assistance through our service directory.

Look, we have been providing local Community News Long Island for over 68 years. We must be doing something right. If you would like to advertise your service or product in one of our old- fashioned hand delivered newspapers, please call us at 631-226-2636. Long Island Media Group would like to be a part of helping you to grow your business.

We also provide printing services as well. We offer postcard printing which is great for the real estate industry, service providers and more, and flyers which help advertise your business. If you are in the hospitality industry, or restaurant business know that we also offer menu printing. We can help you with graphic design as well if you so desire.

For all the local Community News Long Island and so much more, consider South Bay’s Neighbor, Neighbor Newspapers or our Seasons Magazine for advertising your service or product. You will find that your neighbors appreciate and support local businesses. So, make this the year that Long Island Media Group helps your business grow!

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