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Building Character At C.A.M.P.

Accompsett Middle School in the Smithtown Central School District is home to the C.A.M.P. (Character, Education, Mindset, Preparedness) program during the summer months. C.A.M.P. is a program for middle school students to help develop both their academic and social-emotional needs.  

While reinforcing the district’s social-emotional initiatives, the program also features STEM-based learning and hands-on experimentation. For example, students recently participated in an activity where they had to design a life preserver for a small baby doll using tubing and rubber bands. The babies had to float face up in the water-filled cup to be considered a successful flotation device.

Working in small groups, students rotate to different workshops throughout the day. They work on their creativity during Genius Hour, a project-based learning initiative that allows students to explore their passions. To help make a mind-body connection, students participate in guided meditation, yoga and other mindfulness practices. 

Photo courtesy of Smithtown Central School District

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