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Bringing Worlds Together Through Education

The Uniondale School District recently hosted 20 students from Shanghai, China, offering the visiting Chinese students and students from the Uniondale School District a unique opportunity to interact with one another and learn about their respective countries and cultures.

“We are so fortunate to be able to host these students during their time in the United States,” said Dr. William K. Lloyd, Superintendent of the Uniondale School District. “Not only did our Chinese guests enjoy their time learning in an American academic setting, but our students enjoyed learning about their Chinese counterparts’ culture and customs as well.” 

As part of the event, the Chinese students were treated to a production of “What a Wonderful World” put on by Uniondale students currently participating in the Uniondale Summer Arts Program. The performance incorporated a variety of music, dance, theater, and visual art pieces relating to connecting different people from around the world. 

Following the performance, the visiting students engaged in a science lesson with Uniondale science teacher Mrs. Worthy. Before participating in a series of hands-on science activities, the Chinese students introduced themselves in English to the rest of the class and stated a fun fact about themselves. It was a wholesome and valuable exchange between young adults from differing cultures and countries. 

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