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Birch School Hosts Living Museum

Regina Mignone’s third-grade class at Birch School in Merrick recently wrapped up its unit on biographies by organizing a living wax museum. Students developed presentations on famous figures of historical significance, then took their projects a few giant steps further by dressing as their study subjects and posing as wax figures for the museum, which was set up in the cafeteria.

Parents visited the museum, stopped by the different exhibits and prompted the wax figures with a mere press of a button. The figures then came alive, presenting interesting and informative facts about themselves. Before the museum closed, the living exhibits took turns touring the museum to learn more about their fellow historical icons.

Exhibits included Hellen Keller, Jackie Robison and George Washington, as well as some more contemporary heroes such as Jane Goodall, Tony Hawk and Derek Jeter. Great job by all of the student presenters!

Photo : Baseball icon Babe Ruth was one of a few professional athletes portrayed in the Birch living wax museum.


Photos courtesy of the Merrick School District

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