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Beyond All Fences

By: Joan Amato

My musing takes me to
Snowcapped mountains
Overlooking stilled seas
Aquamarine waters
Break easy against the shore
I fancy lakes mirrored by the sun revealing
Ripples of water that gently caress rocks
Jeweled beads of sunlight purl
Move to the rhythm of calmed waters
Stately oaks and towering spruces
Surround lake’s edge
Like soldiers standing tall
Coveting its glorious find
I want to climb hillsides
Collect rocks
Row out into the middle of a lake
Watch loons circle in the water
Frolic and play unencumbered
I imagine but I cannot see more
Than you see
I question where you are
What I picture is serene
Wanting to be in a place
Where memory erases
All time and space
It’s an ache, a wanderlust, but I think
How can you be somewhere
But not where I am . . .
It must be the same for you
As my heart wanders out into the stillness
Capturing imagination without photos
Now resting in the recesses of memory.

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Poets' Corner
Poets' Corner