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Babylon Rotary Club Food Buy

Babylon Rotary Club Food Buy

The Babylon Rotary Club invited 5 local soup kitchens to Restaurant Depot in Farmingdale and asked them to purchase anything they needed because they had been receiving phone calls that their pantries were empty.


The five soup kitchens are listed below:


  1. The Mercy Inn In Wyandanch
  2. United Methodist Church of Babylon
  3. Christ Episcopal Church in Babylon
  4. Cross of Christ Lutheran Church in Babylon
  5. First Presbyterian Church in Babylon


The club spent $9400 and the receipt was very long. This money was raised by their various fundraisers throughout the year such as the upcoming Dirty Sock Run on August 11th.


The club has been doing these bulk food buys for the local soup kitchens for 15 years. The buys happen twice a year (April & November).

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