Babylon Buzz – July 18, 2018

By: Jon Taylor

I was fortunate to be on hand on July 1st for the long awaited unveiling of the Bayman Statue here in Babylon. Droves of residents and dignitaries were on hand for the dedication ceremony.

Designed from original drawings by our own renowned artist Kathryn Herzy, the statue was created by iconic sculptor Jose Fernandez. This beautiful work stands as a tribute to those who worked the waters and were responsible for the once thriving economy driven by the clamming industry along the Great South Bay. But it also serves as a reminder that we are the stewards of our bay.

The task has only just begun, but thanks to ongoing efforts to reduce damaging practices that affect our waters, the bay has already begun to improve. This is evidenced by the emergence of new oyster beds in our bay. Mother Earth is resilient! If we are willing to do our part, she will cleanse the waters and start anew.

The 7 foot tall statue, along with informative graphics, stands on the east side of the canal running south from Argyle Falls. It is well worth a visit to learn about our great clamming heritage, contemplate the lives of those who worked the bay and gain an appreciation of what our Great South Bay could be tomorrow.

It was with great sadness that we all learned of the passing of surfing legend Charlie Bunger. Starting as hobby making surf boards in the basement, Charlie built a business which we know today as Bunger’s Surf Shop. Talking with those who new him well, it is clear that Charlie also built friendships which will live on deep within their hearts. Best wishes to his family and friends.

The Sons of the American Legion Squadron 94 will host a live fundraiser featuring The New York Wrestling Connection at our Babylon American Legion Hall. The event will be held on Saturday, July 28th. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the first match is at 7 p.m. sharp! Tickets are available at the Legion Post at 22 Grove Place, or call Jon at 631.748.6961.

And that’s the BUZZZZZZZZZ!

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