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If you had been planning your Advertising New York to encompass Long Island, you should consider advertising in the Neighbor Newspapers. They have been offering print and deliver advertising in 26 weekly editions with great success over the years. In fact, they have been doing this for over 65 years now. That truly says a lot about their integrity, ability to get results and advertising availability.

If not, they would not still be here. With their 100 % mailed circulation, your advertising will be hand delivered by the US Post Office to each mailbox in your target area. Your Advertising New York for your business, event, charity, organization, special cause or educational matter will be received on its designated day without concern. Neighbor Newspapers now also offers digital marketing. For more information on this particular field of expertise, please click on the attached link There you will be able to see actual ads that are currently running. They also offer text message marketing as well. All of this information you can find online at the above link.

For more general information or if you have specific questions, please call directly to their offices at 631 226-2636. A representative will be more than happy to take time to speak with you in detail. If you want the best results from your Advertising New York, please do consider Neighbor Newspapers. You can also ask about their special editions that publish 5 times a year called “Seasons”. There you will find subject matter relevant to the seasonal time of year. Call today.

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