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A noteworthy duet of music and technology

An energized audience of sixth-grade students filled the auditorium at Samoset Middle School in the Sachem Central School District for a recent assembly led by Brent Daniels, an award-winning composer, producer, sound designer and recording artist.

Daniels, whose most recent work has appeared in numerous notable movie trailers, wowed students with his ability to improvise and create music using only sounds he created himself. With help from several student volunteers, Daniels brought to life a musical production composed of words spoken by the students. Throughout the assembly, students learned about several areas of sound design, including different ways to make sound and digital sampling techniques.

At multiple points during the production process, Daniels reiterated the accessibility of technology that is capable of mirroring the musical production he and the students crafted.


Photo courtesy of the Sachem Central School District


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